What is an outplacement service?

What is an Outplacement Service?

Recently the team at GoTeq Solutions has been busy with our outplacement services. This service is something we’ve always provided but in the current climate we’ve seen an increase in interest.

Unfortunately, many businesses are currently facing difficult challenges. The impact of corona virus and the recent UK lockdown has had a huge impact on businesses across almost all sectors. The UK media is full of stories about businesses falling into administration and companies making redundancies and whilst things are starting to return to normal for many for others the impact will be longer term.

For any organisation the decision to make employees redundant is a difficult one and from speaking to employers we know these are decisions which are not being taken lightly. Managing the redundancy process is hard but a good outplacement service can help both those making the redundancies and those facing redundancy. 

So what exactly is outplacement and how does it work?

The organisation making the redundancies contracts us to support their outgoing staff. Each organisation and each individual might need different support but once it had been agreed with the employer what is required we are on hand to try and support individuals to find new employment and move on in their careers. 

We do everything from reviewing CVs to giving advice and information on the jobs market. We can offer one to one consultations, help with specific job applications, advice on roles and experience as well as preparing for interviews. 

As recruiters we are working, day in day out, in the jobs market. We know and understand the market and can provide unrivalled insight into what employers are looking for. We have extensive networks in key industries such as manufacturing, automation and engineering and our links put us in a strong position to make relevant introductions. 

The benefits for those looking for a new role are clear but what are the benefits for the business making the redundancies? 

At a time when businesses are trying to cut costs it is easy to see why they might see this as an expense but we believe it should be seen as an investment in an organisation’s culture and its future. 

An outplacement service can help avoid negativity from staff who are leaving the business. It demonstrates a commitment to the wellbeing of employees, past and present. Disgruntled former employees can be damaging to a business’ reputation. By offering support at a time which could be stressful and helping them to move on and pursue other opportunities any potential is avoided. 

It can also go a long way towards reassuring staff who are remaining within the organisation. Redundancies can have a huge impact on staff morale but dealing with them sensitively and offering as much practical support as possible will help to avoid feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. In turn this helps to reinforce corporate values and a positive culture as well as conveying a positive impression externally to clients and suppliers. 

If your business is making (or even just considering making) redundancies and you’d like to find out more about how we can help get in touch. We’d be happy to talk about how we’ve supported other businesses with this service and positive impact it has had. Just give us a call on 01224 456779. You can find out more about our Outplacement Service here.