Recruiting staff post lockdown

Recruiting staff post lockdown

The media is full of coverage relating to redundancies, doom and gloom and talk of higher unemployment. Whilst we’re not disputing the statistics and we know that these are difficult and challenging times for many we also know from experience that there are lots of businesses who are still hiring. 

There is no denying the fact that the landscape has changed. The UK is now officially in a recession.There are more people job hunting and some businesses are tentative about recruiting.  Others, though, are searching out talent to help them adapt and strengthen. 

So what has changed and how can we help? 

If you’re an employer looking for someone to join your team you might be thinking that with all the redundancies being made up and down the country finding the new recruits will be easy.  

It is certainly true that for some types of roles there will be a large choice of candidates. 

This can be good news when searching for the perfect new recruit but it can also bring with it its own issues. We’re hearing reports of employers receiving hundreds of CVs for some roles. The perfect individual might be in there but it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. One thing is certain, recruiting in the current climate is time consuming.

Reading, sorting and shortlisting from a huge number of applications takes time, particularly if it is something you are not used to doing. The best candidates can easily be lost amongst reams and reams of CVs and covering letters. The whole task can feel overwhelming and that’s before the interviews have even begun!

Defining your search

A good recruitment agency can help you save time and avoid stress. Firstly by helping to define exactly what it is that you, as an employer, are looking for. 

All too often managers advertise for roles without deciding exactly what it is that their business needs. A recruitment consultant can help to pinpoint the key experience, skills and qualities that will fit an organisation’s needs. 

Having a clear picture of what your are looking for will potentially lead to fewer applications but definitely improve the quality and relevance of those applicants.

Understanding the jobs market

They will also already have a good understanding of the job market and will be in a position to advise on the availability of suitable candidates and the salary expectations. Having a clear idea of salary range before advertising can help to encourage the right calibre of candidates.

Knowing where to look

The other huge advantage of engaging a recruitment agency is that they know exactly where to look for individuals who match even the most exacting criteria. In some cases they may have the perfect match already on their books but if not a good recruiter will know where to look, where and when to advertise and how to open a dialogue with individuals who are a good fit.

At GoTeq Solutions we can make a short work of even the biggest mountain of CVs. Shortlisting and screening until we have a manageable shortlist of only the most relevant and best matched candidates to choose from. 

We know exactly where to look for the right skills and experience and can save employers and managers valuable time. Leaving them with time to focus on the business at a time when focus on the right priorities is key! 

If you need help with recruiting the next member of your team get in touch. We’ll be happy to find out more about any roles you are considering recruiting for.