Job Hunting? Here’s some advice on where to start.

Job hunting? Here’s some advice on where to start.

If you are one of the many people on a mission to find a new job then you’ll want to find ways to stand out from the crowd. 

It’s a challenging time to be job hunting. Sadly, the pandemic and its widespread impact have meant high numbers of redundancies. 

Covid-19 has also led many people to reassess their situation. Being furloughed or working from home individuals have started to think carefully about whether their current role is really what they want, whether it fits in with their family life or their longer term aspirations. All of these factor are contributing to high volumes of applicants for some roles. 

The competition is tough, that much is true but it is important not to be swept up with all the doom and gloom in the media. The good news is that there are job opportunities out there. Many businesses are looking to the future. With the vaccination process now well underway employers are planning ahead, preparing for busier times and recruiting again.

So, where do you find the right opportunities? How do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? How do you get started on your search for new employment?

Stay positive and be proactive

Probably the most important thing right now is to be positive and take a proactive approach. Sitting back and waiting for your dream role to appear could result in a long wait. 

The best job seekers are dedicating time and effort to finding a new role. They’re focused and are actively seeking out opportunities.

There are some practical steps you can take straightaway.   

  • Set up alerts with job boards such as JobSite and CV Library
  • Get in touch with the right recruitment agencies. This might mean local agencies who are recruiting for jobs in your region or it might mean agencies which specialise in your specific industry. 
  • Send a CV but try to arrange to speak to someone too. A good recruiter will have a working knowledge of the relevant job market. They’ll be able to guide you and offer advice. It’s also your opportunity to create a good impression so you are the first person they think of when the right vacancy comes in. If you have skills, experience and expertise in a skills shortage area they will know. If you need to focus your CV in a particular direction they’ll be able to offer advice and guidance.  
  • Upload an up-to-date CV to job websites. Make sure you can be found by interested employers or recruiters. For many roles recruiters and large employers will search CV databases for relevant job seekers before even advertising a role. This means if you aren’t in the database you might not even have the chance to apply. Many jobs are never even advertised so definitely don’t wait around hoping to see an advert for your dream role.
  • Speak to contacts. Let family, friends, former colleagues and contacts know that you are looking. They might just hear about the right opportunity.

Spruce up your CV

Make sure your CV looks the part. Ensure it is up-to-date and relevant for the types of roles you’re applying for. Consider having more than one version and tailoring your CV to specific applications.     

Always look at what has been requested. If they’ve asked for an application form to be filled in then don’t ignore the form and just send a CV. Do however send supplementary information if it is relevant and might give you the edge. For example references you may already have, a portfolio or samples of your work. 

Consider your digital footprint

LinkedIn is the obvious place to start when looking for a new job but it’s also a good time to do an audit of your online presence and check your security settings. 

Often people make sure their LinkedIn is professional but forget about the image they portray elsewhere online. If a prospective employer saw your Facebook or Instagram profile would they like what they saw? Think about the impression your social profiles convey. Make them work to your advantage. Are you an expert in your field, do you blog or tweet? If so, these could help you to land your next role. 

Many jobs are now advertised on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Stay alert and look for opportunities and join local job groups or groups which relate to your industry. 

Remember although it might seem appropriate to be more informal if enquiring about roles via social media it is still important to make a good first impression. 

Stay focused

Finding a new job doesn’t always happen overnight. The process can be one of ups and downs.  Remember to stay focused. Job hunting can be time consuming so set time aside for your searched and applications but also time to relax and take a break. You’ll then be more focused and productive in your search. 

If you are currently looking for work then make sure you are following us on social media to find out about our newest job opportunities and please send us a CV along with details of what you are looking for. We’re speaking to employers everyday about new roles. The perfect opportunity for you could be just around the corner.