Is contracting overseas the right move for you?

Contracting overseas can be lucrative but whilst some contractors love an overseas assignment it isn’t for everyone.  Here are some things to think about if you are contemplating a stint working abroad. 

What is the package? 

Are flights/transport and accommodation included? What about meals? If not you will need to consider what costs you might incur. Even if your main motivation isn’t financial and you are looking for new experiences or to see different parts of the world it is still important that the numbers add up.

Will you be sharing accommodation? If you are a person who needs their own space then this will be an important factor. 

Do you need to take tools with you and if so how will they be transported?  Are they covered on your insurance? 

How long is the contract for and if it is a long contract will there be opportunities to come home for weekends or short breaks. 

Where will you be based?

Whilst working in a different country might sound exciting the actual location of the work might be anything but. Find out where you will be and what the local area is like. If you intend to work long hours and save money then being in a quiet area might be a good thing but if having nowhere to go and nothing to do is your worst nightmare then it is important to know before you make a decision.

It might seem like a minor thing but what is the local food like. Are you happy to embrace the local cuisine?  Everyone is different, some people will eat anything and love trying new things whilst others miss their Sunday roasts and fish n chips!  

If you are hoping to explore and see some of the country when you aren’t working then consider how you will get about. Are local and regional transport links good. 

Do your research

What is the cost of living where you are going?  What language do they speak? What is the local currency?  Find out about the culture and the laws. Do you need a visa or additional insurance?

What working practices will you need to adhere to? In some countries they tend to start work very early in the morning and take siestas.  In other countries there might be strictly no working on a Saturday or Sunday for religious reasons.  If you have done your research beforehand then you won’t be surprised on disappointed when you arrive and get started.    

Working abroad can be a fantastic experience but it is also a significant commitment. Those who tend to benefit the most are those who are prepared and understand exactly why they are making the decision to contract overseas. 

If you are interested working overseas or are looking for your next overseas contract then do get in touch. At GoTeq Solutions we regularly receive requests for contractors to work abroad.  

If this is something that interests you then let us know and we can keep you updated when opportunities arise.