How to find the perfect new recruit

How to find the perfect new recruit

Finding the perfect fit for a role can be difficult particularly if you are looking for someone with specific skills, qualifications or experience in an area where there is a current skills shortage.

As recruiters we sometimes hear from employers who have all but given up. They feel they’ve tried everything and they just can’t find the right fit.  

This can be frustrating and time consuming not to mention the impact it can have on a business when a key role remains unfilled. However, the reality is that with the right approach and expertise the perfect candidate can almost certainly be found. Even for the most difficult to fill roles the right individual will be out there, the problem is finding them!  

Here is some advise on how to make the search easier and more effective.

Be realistic about salary 

When recruiting for a role where experience is crucial and there is a skills shortage setting the right salary range is incredibly important. 

If you aren’t sure then your recruitment consultant will be able to help guide you. Think about other things too that would be attractive to potential employees.  Do you offer private healthcare, a generous holiday allowance or flexible working? If you do then make sure you communicate this. It is amazing how often employers forget to sell themselves.   

Be clear on what exactly you are looking for

Think about the non-negotiable skills or experience that the new recruit must have.  Then consider the other aspects which are desirable but probably not deal breakers. What could you compromise on? If someone has the right skills, qualifications and attitude but less experience than you were ideally hoping for could they still be the right person for the job?

What else is important? For example does the role have to be full-time? Would you consider someone looking for part-time or flexible working hours?  This might widen your choice of candidates considerably but will obviously depend on the nature of the role.

Consider using a specialist recruitment agency

By using an agency with expertise in your specific sector you will save time and energy.  The agency will understand the market, the current climate and a good recruiter will know exactly where to look for individuals who meet your criteria. They will also be able to advise on matters such as salary level expectations.

If you think we could help you find the perfect new recruit then get in touch.