Five reasons to use a recruitment agency

At GoTeq we work with a businesses of different shapes and sizes and across a range of industries.  Our clients have many different reasons for turning to us when they need staff and most of them have used the services of a recruitment agency before. 

Occasionally though we speak to people who don’t have experience of working with a recruitment partner.  Sometimes this is because they haven’t needed to or their preference is to keep their recruitment process in-house. For some business owners and managers they may prefer to avoid recruitment agencies because of a negative experience with an agency in the past. Others believe they will save money by avoiding recruitment fees. All of this is is understandable, however we know that when the right recruitment partnership is formed using a recruitment agency is productive and brings many benefits.  

Here are five reasons to consider using an agency next time your are recruiting.


Business owners and managers are generally busy people. Recruiting  takes time. Lots of time.  People often underestimate just how long it takes to sift through applications and shortlist for a role. Then there is the time spent arranging interviews, coordinating diaries and communicating with applicants. Not to mention chasing references.  

It’s hard to quantify how many man hours using an agency saves and it varies from employer to employer but there can be no doubt that using an agency saves huge amounts of time. 

Recruiting can be a distraction, when it takes managers away from other aspects of their job then there can be other associated costs to the business.  Again this will vary depending on circumstances but appointing an agency could save money and improve productivity too.  

A good recruiter will do their homework and understand exactly what an employer is looking for. Then ensure their clients see only the CVs from applicants who are serious contenders. 

By discussing requirements at the start of the process and understanding the role and the industry a specialist recruiter will ensure that shortlisting is done effectively.

Job market knowledge

A good recruitment consultant will have a working knowledge of the current jobs market and will be able to advise on the availability of candidates who meet your requirements.  They will also know where to look and will advertise, if necessary, in the right place.  

They may not even need to advertise if they have suitable candidates on their database.  Instant access to individuals who have already expressed an interest in similar roles can mean a quicker, smoother recruitment process.

Industry insight

By using a recruiter with experience in the specific industry you can rely on their knowledge and expertise. A good recruitment consultant will also give you honest feedback and let you know if your expectations are unrealistic in the current market. They will advise if you need to pay a higher salary to secure a candidate with the experience and skills you are asking for but they may also have other solutions and ideas on how to achieve your wish list.


Temporary, permanent, temp-perm using an agency offers the flexibility to recruit quickly whatever the circumstances.  Sometimes you know you need an extra pair of hands (or a whole extra team!) but can’t commit to permanent roles . An agency can help with managing every step of that process.  


Whether it is salary or working conditions a recruitment consultant can help with negotiating and finalising the package. This can benefit the candidate and the employer as it is sometimes the case that a candidate will feel more comfortable negotiating with an agency.  This is more likely to lead to final package which all parties are happy with.

If you are currently looking for new staff then get in touch to discuss your requirements.