Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Marchwiel, Wrexham

We are looking for a car mechanic to join a vehicle repair and mechanic centre that was established in 1980 in Wrexham.

As an Auto Mechanic you will maintain and repair vehicles. You'll be responsible for troubleshooting issues and fixing them aiming for maximum reliability and functionality.

Duties of the role will include:

  • Inspecting vehicle engines and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately
  • Inspecting vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade
  • Conducting routine maintenance work (replacing fluids, lubricating parts etc.) aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity
  • Scheduling future maintenance sessions and advising motorists on good vehicle use
  • Repairing or replacing broken or dysfunctional parts and fix issues (e.g. leaks)
  • Providing accurate estimates (cost, time, effort) for a repair or maintenance job
  • Keeping logs on work and issues
  • Maintaining equipment and tools in good condition

We're looking for someone with the following:

  • Proven experience as auto mechanic
  • Excellent knowledge of mechanical, electrical and electronic components of vehicles
  • Working knowledge of vehicle diagnostic systems and methods
  • Ability to handle various tools (e.g. pliers) and heavy equipment (e.g. lift)
  • Level 3 is required
  • Valid certification (e.g ASE) is a definite plus

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