Inorganic Chemist



We are looking for an Inorganic Chemist to work for a company founded at the University of Liverpool back in 2019, with an aim to approach the additive manufacturing industry from a scientific perspective as opposed to that of traditional engineering.

Traditionally, 3D printed parts could only be made out of single materials, at one uniform density. The process being created enables true flexibility of design by giving manufacturers the ability to print single parts from multiple materials simultaneously, even allowing for customisation of materials’ mechanical and structural characteristics.

In this inorganic chemist position, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing new binder formulations for 3D printing technologies.
  • Developing formulations from scratch as well as optimising existing products
  • Be part of the formulations team, which is fast paced, with diverse challenges, requiring adaptability and the ability to work together as part of a growing team
  • Be responsible for keeping accurate and detailed records of all experiments and processes and communicating with senior management and stakeholders.

They provide the next generation of binders and inks for the world of additive manufacturing and also the smart material solutions for the automotive, aerospace, energy and bio-medical sectors, all requiring high standards of quality and accreditation.


  • University degree, or equivalent, in Chemistry or related scientific discipline.
  • Experience in formulations.
  • Experience in organometallic chemistry would be advantageous.

This will be permanent and full time and based at their company in Stoke-on-Trent.

If you are finishing a PhD, this will need to be concluded within 4-6 weeks and then you must be available for full time work permanently.

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